1993 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 31, Number 1, January/February 1993

    • President's Message (Stu McCarty)
    • Norman Richards: A Tree to Respect
    • Albert W. Brown: Some Thoughts About Forest Management
    • Bill Minerd: NYFOA Fall Meeting 1992: Arnot Forest
    • Chapter Reports
    • David W. Taber: Pine Shoot Beetle Management
    • Richard Henry: Catskill Fisher Reintroduction
    • Rabies Update
    • Governor Forms Tree Council
    • David J. Colligan: Legislation
    • Wes Suhr: Hunting Bucks (last of Wes Suhr's "Ask A Forester" column)
    • Wes Suhr: Buck Kill at Running Brook (poem)
    • Eric A. Johnson: Investing in Moose
    • David W. Taber: Marketing Christmas Trees Year-Round
    • Dick O'Donnell: The White House Tree
  • Volume 31, Number 2, March/April 1993

    • President's Message (Stuart McCarty)
    • Help NYFOA Update its Archives
    • James R. Peek: What Do You Do With Larch?
    • Governor Cuomo Forms Forest Resource Development Council
    • John Marchant, Excecutive Director: NYFOA to Offer Free Information Service
    • Janet Knodel, Mary Bartley, Sana Gardescu, Lawrence Abahamson and Douglas Allen: TSolving the Mystery of “Maple Malady"” - Blame the Per Thrips!
    • Chapter Reports
    • Arbor Day Letter of President Theodore Roosevelt to the School Children of the United States
    • J. E. Coufal: The Deer (poem)
    • “Right to Practice Forestry” Law Passed in PA
    • John Marchant, Executive Director: NYFOA, Our Forest Lands and the Next Thirty Years
    • Henry S. Kernan: Lament for a Law
    • Dave Taber: Bob Sand and Jim Coufal Elected “Fellows” by Foresters
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: Tree Eaters, Potions and Lotions
    • David W. Taber: Pine Shoot Beetle Situation Demands Business Strategy
  • Volume 31, Number 3, May/June 1993

    • President's Message (Stuart McCarty)
    • John T. Hastings: Hemlocks & Hides & Warren County
    • NWOA Appoints NYFOA's Exec as Vice President for the Northeast Region
    • Gary Goff: A Call for Master Forest Owner/COVERTS Volunteer Candidates
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • Francis “Mike”Demeree and Michael C. Greason: New York State's Forests: The Opportunity - The Problem and the Remedy
    • Douglas C. Allen: Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
    • Come! Join us for a woodswalk in the Alps!
    • Bob Sand: One Man's Thoughts
    • J. P. Lassoie: Timber Theft: A Growing Problem
    • 1993 National Envirothon to be Held in NYS
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: Before You Whack Your Weeds...
  • Volume 31, Number 4, July/August 1993

    • President's Message (Don Wagner)
    • Betty Densmore: 1993 NYFOA Spring Meeting
    • Peter S. Levatich: Reading: The Right Thing To Do
    • Henry S. Kernan: A Note from Ecuador
    • Ernie Hammerle: Notes from NYFOA's 480A Workshop
    • David J. Colligan: Legislation and Taxes
    • Chapter/Affiliates
    • The 1993 Heiberg Memorial Award (Michael C. Greason)
    • NYFOA's Outstanding Service Award (Wes Suhr)
    • Tree Farm & NYFOA
    • Douglas C. Allen: The Pine-Feeding Sawflies
  • Volume 31, Number 5, September/October 1993

    • President's Message (Don Wagner)
    • Herbert F. Darling, Jr.: Please Don't Forget the American Chestnut
    • Elizabeth Densmore: The Rest of the American Chestnut Story in NY
    • Wes Suhr: A Sprinkling of Public Opinion
    • Norman A. Richards: Forest Resources of Central New York
    • Chapter/Affiliates
    • Douglas C. Allen: Fall Webworm - a late bloomer
    • David J. Colligan: Boundary Law - Part I
    • N.Y.F.O.A. Past President Allen F. Horn Has Retired
    • Robert M. Sands: Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting #194 of June 26, 1993
    • NYFOA- Committee Assignments - 1993/1994
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: Coltsfoot: A Soft Soothing Step
    • Ron Cadieux: Global Marketing Gives Tree Farmers New Options
  • Volume 31, Number 6, November/December 1993

    • President's Message (Don Wagner)
    • James Savage: Applying Forest Stewardship on the Ground
    • Jane Sorensen Lord: Scents Make Sense
    • Douglas Allen: Cherry Scallop Shell Moth
    • Gary R. Goff: New Corps of Master Forest Owners Certified
    • Chapters/Affiliates
    • 1993 Fall Meeting
    • R. J. Fox: Fasteners
    • Alan Knight: A Review... Tha Bambi Bomb: What Walt Disney did to us
    • Henry S. Kernan: The Majestic Oaks of Troncais
    • Sue Keister: N.Y.S. Tree Farm News
    • David J. Colligan: Boundary Law - Part II
    • The American Chestnut Needs Us

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