1982 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 20, Number 1, January/February 1982

    • The Foresters's Creed
    • John V. Berglund, Dean School of Forestry: Forestry Congress
    • Dave Peyton: For a Slower Burn Buy Greener Firewood
    • New York's New Forest Resources Survey - Expanding Opportunities for Indiustry
    • Bob Morrow: Memo to NYFOA Education Committee
    • Tree Value: A Basis for Woodland Management
    • Everett Case: Answering NYFOA's Membership Survey
    • John Stock: Forest Industries Committe Asks Help
    • The Cause of Maple Sap Flow
    • Straight Talk on Tapping Techniques
    • Forest Bookshelf: Maple Sirup- Some Sources of Information
    • A Maple Check List
    • Al Roberts: I Like Loggers
  • Volume 20, Number 2, March/April 1982

    • Minutes pf tjhe 128th Board Meeting
    • Notes from the NYFOA President (Robert L. Edmund
    • Al Roberts: How Does Your Forest Grow?
    • William M. Ferretti: What Makes You Tick? - A Study of Landowner Motivation
    • NYFOA Trans-Canada Tour Itinerary
    • Announcement: 1982 Annual Meeting
    • Paul Steinfeld: Gilead Tree Farm- A Twenty-Three Perspective
    • James Lassoie: Energy Project Probes Causes of Wood and Coal Stove Accidents
    • Announcements: SUNY-ESF Conferences and Short Courses
    • Forest Land Manager's Information Exchange
    • Announcement: Live FEED (Forestry Equipment Exhibition and Demonstration) Show
    • Rick Marsi: The Great Outdoors
    • Chin Up Weary Woodsman!
  • Volume 20, Number 4, July/August 1982

    • New York Loggers Win Recognition
    • NYFOA Director's Meeting
    • Woodsmen's Field Days
    • Urban Forestry
    • Incentives for New York's Forest Resources Industry
    • A Hillside Farm
    • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): Will the Real Stumpage Price Please Stand Up?
    • Chain Saw Safety
  • Volume 20, Number 5, September/October 1982

    • Minutes, NYFOA Board Meeting
    • The President's Message (Paul Steinfeld)
    • In Memorium- Dr. C. Eugene Farnsworth
    • Wanted! Adds for November/December NYFOA Directory Issue
    • Announcement: Woodlot Management Workshop
    • Announcement: NYFOA Fall Annual Meeting
    • Dave Hanaburgh: Fred Najer's Forest Trust
    • Report: The NYFOA Canadian Trip
    • Announcement: Lumber Grading Shortcourxe
    • Alex Dickson: Forty Years of Woodlot Management Pay Off
    • Hire A Forester
    • State has More Trees Now than 14 Years Ago
    • Forest Bookshelf
    • Nina L. Bassuk and Betsey Wittick: Urban Forestry - City Life is Hard on Trees
    • Aida Quilloy: A Look at Forestry in the Phillipines
  • Volume 20, Number 6, November/December 1982

    • The Directory Issue
    • The President's Message (Paul Steinfeld)
    • The Heiberg Award and Solicitation for Nominess
    • Solicitation for Nominations for NYFOA's Outstandig Service Award>
    • Bylaws of New York Forest Owners Association, Inc
    • Committees of NYFOA Their Charges and current members
    • NYFOA Officers and Presidents
    • Members Directory (~612 members) N.B. for this archive version the names have not been reproduced
    • Forest Bookshelf
    • Workers' Compensation Checklist
    • Assistance for NY Forest Owners
    • DEC Regional Officews
    • New York State Forest Tax Law
    • Cooprative Extension Offices
    • New York State Big Tree Register
    • Big Trees of New York State
    • Doug Monteith: TSI
    • Major Provisions of Section 480-a of the Real Property Tax Law
    • Harry W. Burry: New York's Growing Forest Resources
    • Information Concerning The Forest Tax Law
    • From the Editor's Desk (Evelyn Stock): The Pack Forest Revisited
    • Curtis Bauer: Oil and Gas Leasing and Development
    • Summary Table of Town Timber Harvesting Ordinances
    • Alan Knight: Report (Canadian Trip)- B.C. Reckoning
    • New PR/Communications Book Available for Resource Managers
    • Woodlands- Wild Apple Trees Attract Wildlife
    • Woodland Owners' Forest Management Checklist of Resources
    • Good Advice for Woodlot Owners
    • Thomas W. Patton: Franklin Roosevelt and ESF- Traing a Forester President
    • Money Does Grow on Trees (and vice versa)
    • Wood Fuel Tound to Surpass Atomic Energy in U.S.
    • Max R Peterson: The Outlook for Forestry
    • Ruth Sterling Henry (in Memory of her husband, Edward H. Henry): A Forester (poem)
    • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): Table to determine board feet in a tree

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