Volume 20, Number 1, January/February 1982

  • The Foresters's Creed
  • John V. Berglund, Dean School of Forestry: Forestry Congress
  • Dave Peyton: For a Slower Burn Buy Greener Firewood
  • New York's New Forest Resources Survey - Expanding Opportunities for Indiustry
  • Bob Morrow: Memo to NYFOA Education Committee
  • Tree Value: A Basis for Woodland Management
  • Everett Case: Answering NYFOA's Membership Survey
  • John Stock: Forest Industries Committe Asks Help
  • The Cause of Maple Sap Flow
  • Straight Talk on Tapping Techniques
  • Forest Bookshelf: Maple Sirup- Some Sources of Information
  • A Maple Check List
  • Al Roberts: I Like Loggers

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