2000 New York Forest Owner Archives

  • Volume 38, Number 1, January/February 2000

    • From the President (Ron Pedersen): NYFOA's Spring Program; Cornell Cooperative Extension's satellite video-conference
    • In The Mail: Monitoring Private Foresters; Private Sector Foresters
    • Gary R. Goff: Another Great Year for the MFO/Coverts Program
    • Jack A. Ward: Hard Wood
    • Irene Szabo: Along the Finger Lakes Trail: An Unplanned Article
    • Mark Keister: City in a Forest
    • NYFOA General Director Candidates
    • 38th Annual Spring Program
    • Douglas C. Allen: Wood-Destroying Insects: The Powder Post Beetles
    • Henry Kernan: The Catskill Watershed
    • Dick Fox: Report from Conservation Organization Meetings
    • NYFOA News: Multistate Video Conference; Edward G. Dixon Passes Away; Ask the Forester column
  • Volume 38, Number 2, March/April 2000

    • From the President (Ron Pedersen): Use of NYWS grant; NY legislative Committee meeting on timber theft; Upcoming spring meeting; Upcoming satellite downlink on "Economics of Forest Stewardship"
    • In the Mail: Response to Corning Leader's letter on "Where have all the forests gone?"
    • Gary Rising: Arborvitae
    • Michael C. Greason: What About These Stumpage Prices?
    • Satellite Videoconference: Economic Aspects of Private Forestland Stewardship
    • Henry Kernan: Overheard in a Woodlot
    • Irene Szabo: Along the Finger Lakes Trail: Getting Better Day by Day in Cattaraugus County
    • Open Letter (Jill Cornell): To all NYFOA Members - NYWS
    • Ask the Forester (Donald E. Petersen): Enhancing growth of red oak and white pine after '98 Ice Storm
    • David J. Lee: Saratoga's Secret is Out
    • Douglas C. Allen: Native Insect Pests of Hemlock
    • Hugh O. Canham: Timber Theft Hearings
    • Dorothy Darling: Prayer (poem)
    • NYFOA News: White Spruce Seedlings; Ask the Forester column
  • Volume 38, Number 3, May/June 2000

    • From the President (Ron Pedersen): NYS well represented in upcoming videoconference; BMP Field Guide distribution; Jamestown Post Journal's active debate on deforestation; NYFOA's spring meeting; Membership recruitment contest
    • NYFOA News: Asian Longhorn Beetle; Ask the Forester column
    • Timber Theft... Escalating Across Rural New York
    • Mary Binder: ESF's Pack Forest: Education - Forestry - Vacation
    • Come and See the Tallest Tree! (at the upcoming Fall Meeting)
    • Rebecca Schneider: Stand By Your Stream: Streamside Protection - Why Bother
    • Peter Zubal: Short-Term Chronicle of a Tree Farm
    • NYFOA Awards: Heiberg Memorial Award to James P' Lassoie; NYFOA Service Award to Erwin and Polly Fullerton
    • Ask the Forester (Michael Greason): TSI strategy on red oak; Benefits of slash; Intertwining root girdling
    • Douglas C. Allen: The Pitch Mass Borer
    • Gary R. Goff and Peter J. Smallidge: Tree Value: A Basis for Woodland Management
    • Henry Kernan: Forestry: 100 Years and Growing
  • Volume 38, Number 4, July/August 2000

    • From the President (Ron Pedersen): Reflections on learning about our woodlots
    • In the Mail: Annual Planting; Panel Discussion Input; Hats off!; A Note of Thanks
    • Robert W. Malmsheimer and Michael Goergen: EPA Withdraws Silvivulture Provisions from New CWA Regulations
    • News & Notes: New Market for Wood in Northern New York; NYFOA 2000 Fall Conference; Forestry Awareness Day
    • Rebecca L. Schneider: Stand by Your Stream: Streamside Restoration - A team Effort
    • Irene Szabo: Along the Finger Lakes Trail: Cattaraugus Serendipitous Part II
    • NYFOA 2000 Fall Conference
    • Ask the Forester (Arlyn W. Perkey):
    • Douglas C. Allen: Biological Approaches to Pest Management
    • David J. Colligan: Oil & Gas Opportunities for Tree Farmers
    • Joan Kappel: A Guide to Lyme Disease
    • Woodsmen's Field Days
  • Volume 38, Number 5, September/October 2000

    • From the President (Ron Pedersen): NYFOA's Fall Conference; Timber Trespass & Theft; Kudos to Prof. Doug Allen
    • In the Mail: En Rapport with Earth (poem)
    • In Memoriam- Charles E. Boone
    • Tree Farm News: Collaboration to Expand the Practice of Sustainable Forestry
    • Robert Johnson: Woodlot Management: Avoiding Tree Damage by Porcupine Control
    • News & Notes: Portable Band Sawmill Used in Dam Project; Forest Sales Online; Updated Inventory of Forests; SUNY-ESF President Whaley Retires; Evaluation of SIP-ICE
    • Rebecca L. Schneider: Stand By Your Stream: Streamside Restoration - Do's and Don'ts
    • Assistance for New York Forest Owners
    • Matching New York Forest Owners' Interests with Appropriate Assistance Organizations
    • Jill Cornell: New York Woodland Stewards News
    • Ask the Forester (Lewis Staats & Michael Greason): Best economic alternative for maple stand; Comparison of Scribner and Doyle scales
    • Douglas C. Allen: Seed and Cone Insects
    • Patrick H. Kelly: Journal of a Small Conifer Planting (An Amateur Approach)
    • Henry Kernan: Review of Section 480-A
  • Volume 38, Number 6, November/December 2000

    • From the President (Ron Pedersen): Impact of clearcuts; NYFOA's Fall Conference; NYFOA as part of a team effort
    • In the Mail: Free Press; A Note of Thanks
    • NYFOA Scholarship Fund
    • Tree Farm News: Why be a Tree Farmer?
    • Charlie Mowatt: NYFOA 2000 Fall Conference
    • Paul D. Curtis: Quality Deer Management: Can QDM Improve Deer Management in Forested Landscapes?
    • Irene Szabo: Along the Finger Lakes Trail: Cattaraugus Serendipitous Part III
    • Peter T. Sharkowski: Commentary: Public Hearings on Timber Theft
    • Jill Cornell: Forest Fragmentation 2000 Conference: Sustaining Private Forests in the 21st Century
    • Douglas C. Allen: Tussock Moths, Tiger Moths & Other "Hairy" Caterpillars
    • Mark W. Grennan: Portable Skidder Bridges
    • INDEX:The New York Forest Owner – 2000 Volume 38, Numbers 1-6

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