Volume 31, Number 2, March/April 1993

  • President's Message (Stuart McCarty)
  • Help NYFOA Update its Archives
  • James R. Peek: What Do You Do With Larch?
  • Governor Cuomo Forms Forest Resource Development Council
  • John Marchant, Excecutive Director: NYFOA to Offer Free Information Service
  • Janet Knodel, Mary Bartley, Sana Gardescu, Lawrence Abahamson and Douglas Allen: TSolving the Mystery of “Maple Malady"” - Blame the Per Thrips!
  • Chapter Reports
  • Arbor Day Letter of President Theodore Roosevelt to the School Children of the United States
  • J. E. Coufal: The Deer (poem)
  • “Right to Practice Forestry” Law Passed in PA
  • John Marchant, Executive Director: NYFOA, Our Forest Lands and the Next Thirty Years
  • Henry S. Kernan: Lament for a Law
  • Dave Taber: Bob Sand and Jim Coufal Elected “Fellows” by Foresters
  • Jane Sorensen Lord: Tree Eaters, Potions and Lotions
  • David W. Taber: Pine Shoot Beetle Situation Demands Business Strategy

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