State Wildlife Grants (SWG)

State Wildlife Grant Aids Species in Greatest Need

NYFOA is helping to spread the word about the state's efforts to aid fish and wildlife species in greatest need of conservation. Using a State Wildlife Grant awarded by DEC, NYFOA will be taking steps such as expanding information about the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy.

The goal of the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy is to avoid more species being listed as endangered or threatened. The grant funds diverse projects that include baseline surveys, research, conservation planning and habitat protection.

Private forest owners have an exciting opportunity to upgrade wildlife habitat on their lands in partnership with the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy Plan written by the Department of Environmental Conservation. Click here to find out more.

For important information about the State Wildlife Grant specifically for Master Forest Owners, click here.

To see a PowerPoint presentation about the State Wildlife Grant, the SWG Summary, or to download a copy of the Volunteer Tracking Form, click here.

To see a map of the DEC regions and links to each of the regional basins with data about Species of Greatest Conservation need, click here.

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