What are the benefits of our woodlands?

Woodlands provide indispensable ecosystem services to the planet.

  • root systems of trees hold the soil, preventing erosion and the siltation of downstream watercourses and estuaries
  • roots also keep soils porous, increasing water retention and reducing flooding.
  • two thirds of our clean water supply originates from precipitation filtered through wooded landscapes
  • a single mature tree can absorb (sequester) 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, and produce enough oxygen to meet the needs of two human beings
  • woodlands contribute to the varied habitat required by NY’s wildlife
  • woodlands are an increasingly important source for renewable energy

Woodlands provide significant economic benefits to New York

  • New York forests contribute ten billion dollars in economic output to the state from the forest products industry, plus an additional eight billion dollars in revenue from recreational activity associated with our forests. The forest products industry directly employs forty-four thousand people in the state, and forest-based recreation employs an additional thirty-two thousand.

Woodlands contribute to the quality of life for many residents of the state

  • Recreational opportunities available on NY’s woodlands (private and public) provide a multitude of benefits (exercise, fresh air, opportunities to observe and experience the interdependence and dynamics of natural systems).

So what are the problems?

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