Volume 18, Number 1, January/February 1981

  • The View from the President's Chair (Howard O. Ward)
  • The Editor: Any interest in articles on Urban Forestry?
  • Forest Management Current Events (Robert Demaree): Tree Planting
  • George Hopkins Stauffer: The Urban Foresters' Notebook
  • Publications You Should Know About
  • Hand Tools: The Axe
  • State University College of Environmental Science and Forestry Shortcourses and Conferences
  • Jeri Lynn Smith: Study Evaluates U.S. Wood Resources
  • Dr. Gene Gray: Tax Credit
  • Deer Repellent Available
  • Nature's Prayer
  • Edward E. Lang: Seasoning Firewood
  • Ask a Forester (Al Roberts): A logger has offered me $200 per thousand board feet for some cherry trees in my woods. Do you feel this is a fair price?

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