Volume 37, Number 6, November/December 1999

  • From the President (Ron Pedersen): NYFOA aligning with kindred organizations
  • In the Mail: Are Private Foresters Monitored?; Gas Companies and Access
  • Robert Malmsheimer and Michael Goergen: EPA Proposes New Silvicultural Regulations
  • Christopher A. Nowack: Leaf Color Change in our Hardwood Forests
  • Peter J. Smallidge: New York's Forests Then and Now
  • Irene Szabo: Along the Finger Lakes Trail: George Fraley: rara avis
  • Kristi L. Sullivan: Managing Birds in New York
  • Rolf Wentorf: Congress Directs USFS to "Prompte Sustainable Use of the Eastern Hardwood Resource"
  • Douglas C. Allen: Insect-Produced Silk- From Textiles to "Tents"
  • Mary Binder: Bears and Cats and Other Things
  • David Colligan: Seventh Annual ReLeaf Conference
  • Jane Geisler: Book Review: Requiem for Nature by John Terborogh

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