Volume 36, Number 3, May/June 1998

  • President's Message (Jill Cornell): NYFOA's place in the branches of the forest family
  • New Forest Owner Policy
  • Building a Pond - An Art as Much as a Science - Part II
  • John S. Braubitz: Beaver - Love Them or Leave Them - Part Two
  • New York's Own "Barking Dog" - The Eastern Coyote
  • The Return of the Wolf - Should Wolves be Reintroduced to the Adirondacks?
  • Those Other Deer Tick Diseases
  • Letters
  • Forestry Fast Forward
  • Ask a Forester (Stephen Davison): Frost Cracks; Cubic Measure
  • Mike Greason: My Favorite Tree
  • Gary R. Goff: Wanted! - A Few Good Neighbors
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension Publication Tells How to Enhance Wildlife Habitat
  • Propagation and Use of Black Walnuts in Northern New York
  • Henry S. Kernan: To Cut or Not to Cut - Our National Forests?
  • Douglas C. Allen: Pine False Webworm - potential threat to NY's white pine
  • Jane Sorensen Lord: Bee Well

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