Volume 22, Number 6, November/December 1984

  • The Directory Issue
  • President's Message (Mary McCarty): Trees, Glorious Trees
  • David Hanaburg: NYFOA Historical Notes
  • The Heiberg Award
  • NYFOA Outstanding Service Award
  • John V. Berglund, Dean SUNY-ESF School of Forestry: Does Forestry Have a Future in New York?
  • Bylaws of New York Forest Association, Inc.
  • Ken & Ruth Eberley: How Did I Get Involved in Forestry?
  • Woodland Owners' Forest Management Checklist of Resources
  • Report: Sagamore Meeting
  • David W. Taber: Sleeping Giant Awakes
  • Ask A Forester (Al Roberts): What are members interested in?; Indians cannot legally cut black ash on any land but their own.
  • Report: NYFOA Woods Walks in 1984
  • Francis A. Demeree: "480-A"- New York State Forest Tax Law Update
  • Comparison Document (present vs. proposed) Section 480a of the Real Property Tax Law
  • Stumpage Price Report: July, 1984
  • Robert Edmonds: Estimating Timber in Your Woodlot
  • Cooperative Extension Offices
  • Member Directory (~675 listed). Note- We have not included in this archival edition the 10 pages of members' names and addresses.
  • Directory- County Listing
  • NYFOA Board of Directors
  • NYFOA Committees
  • Forest Bookshelf

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