Volume 12, Number 6, December 1974

  • President's Column
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Land Use Planning
  • American Forest Institute - Robert E. Jones
  • Pile O' Chips - Ed Moot
  • Letter from and to Stephanie Richards
  • Recommendation of the President's Advisory Panel on Timber and the Environment
  • Timber Production is Landowner Opportunity
  • Timber Production Slow - F. E. Winch, Jr.
  • Preparation and Marketing of Firewood
  • Sources of Wood
  • Felling Equipment
  • Chain Saw Safety
  • Timber Harvesting
  • Preparing Firewood
  • Marketing Firewood
  • Measuring Firewood to Sell
  • New York State Law on Method of Sale of Fuel Wood
  • Seasoning Wood
  • Would Wood be Good? Facts
  • Companion References
  • Glossary
  • How to Save Hundreds of Dollars

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