Wanted: Landowners for Member Profiles!

Each issue of the New York Forest Owner magazine includes a member profile, or short biographical sketch of a NYFOA member, highlighting their activities and efforts in managing their woodlot. Are you a NYFOA member with a story to tell? If you would like to share your learning experiences with your woodlot owning peers we would like to hear from you. Success stories are great, and are of course welcome, but often lessons learned the hard way are the most instructive, so don't be shy about sharing those as well.

Of particular interest are stories highlighting your forest management planning and activities, with particular emphasis on forest regeneration, but as we all have travelled unique paths, a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and management goals is welcomed and encouraged.

If this sounds interesting to you, click on the link below and we will be in touch as time permits. The process is quite painless, requiring only about 30 minutes for an interview with our profile writer, and the ability to send us a few high resolution digital photos of you and/or your woodlot (best is you IN your woodlot) to help illustrate the text of the profile.

Questions? Feel free to contact me:

Jeff Joseph, NYFOA editorial committee chair

529 Prospect Valley Road

Willseyville, NY 13864

(607) 659-5995



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