Dick Starr

Dick Starr

Most deer hunters have a favorite stand they frequent.Often as the season wears on fewer deer are seen from this location.Frequently heard explanations for “disappearing deer syndrome” include 1) went nocturnal 2) neighbors got them 3) too many coyotes 4) got to the stand too late, etc.In truth, the deer are probably still there but have learned to avoid the area permeated with foul smelling human odor.

There are various solutions to this problem besides bathing and one is to have numerous stand sites to select from, usually based on wind direction at point of entry.Multiple stand sites can involve considerable time, effort and expense.In the fall 2017 season I began experimenting with a portable platform I could move with an ATV.


The pictures show a small 5’ X 5’ yard trailer set on tires taken from a retired riding lawn mower.It’s easy to move to different locations as long as the path allows the trailer access.It works very well for hunting different sections of a large farm field.For purposes of experimenting I put a portable pop up blind on the trailer for the 2017 season.

I have found the pop up portable blinds are “unstable” in a stiff wind and are essentially useless as a blind to hunt from.It is my intent to construct a permanent less wind prone version on the platform for the 2018 season.In an effort to keep the weight down I’ll use 2” X 2” studding and a sheet of rubber instead of shingles for the roof.


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