Jim Minor

Though living/working in Rochester, NY, my wife Barbara and I purchased a little over 200 acres of farm/forest land in Schuyler county in 1994 as we had come to love the finger lakes region (earlier I'd inherited a cottage on Cayuga Lake built by my great-grandfather in 1888 at which we have spent many happy summers). Coincidentally, through another branch of my family tree, I'm also descended from the original settlers of Schuyler County.


Satellite view of "The Farm"

The property consists of 17 fields of various sizes (some of which we rent out to a neighboring farmer), separated by hedgerows with about 50 acres of woodlands scattered in several patches around the periphery.

When we acquired the property there were no buildings on it so, after a few years, I prepared a small cinder-block foundation and had an Amish-built shed brought in in which to store simple tools...


Although not a hunter myself, I did encourage hunters to register with me and then use the property, being respectful of the land. After several years, one group of hunters came to me with a proposal... if I gave them exclusive rights, they would build me a barn (!) and...

100_0591.JPG 100_0625.JPG

Our Forester, Bruce Robinson, had 3 very small ponds (essentially watering holes) put in as we wanted to attract wildlife, and he also suggested an additional area might be suitable for a larger pond. It was laid out and test holes were dug...


...but, eventually, the Soil and Water people told me it wasn't really a very good site.

Subsequently, I bought an ATV (my property suddenly got a lot smaller!) and then a tractor on which to mount a brush hog (something to put in the barn!) and field mowing became soooo much easier. I found I enjoyed mowing the property and enjoying the views of the headwaters of Taughannock Creek as I did so..


The property sits astride what I think of as a mini-continental divide, which I find sort of neat. On this side, water flows north and eventually finds its way to the St. Lawrence River and the Atlantic Ocean. Turning around, over a small ridge on the property, the water flows south and eventually finds the Atlantic through Chesapeake Bay.

I also bought some trail-cams and got a better idea of what went on when I wasn't around...

Turkeys_-_Taken_on_2012-04-05__06H-42M-14S--164.JPG Coyote_Pack_-_Taken_on_2011-12-26__18H-31M-22S--112.JPG

Fox_-_Taken_on_2012-04-25__06H-29M-14S--031.JPG Bobcat_-_Taken_on_2012-05-07__13H-09M-58S--035.JPG


This last one is some #$%!@! feral cow that went about knocking over my carefully placed tree tubes. I think of it as "cow-tipees revenge".

Before we purchased the property I talked to a fellow office-worker whom I knew had some farm property about what he thought. His response was, "Once you buy some farm and forest property, you'll be exposed to a whole new world of (often unexpected) experiences." He proved to be so right

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