Member Stories

Member Stories

In this section our members have the opportunity to tell their own story on what's going on with their property to share with other property owners. Members names at the end are listed in the order of submission/updates with the latest listed first.

Members are encouraged to submit their text and photos to (currently, NYFOA member Jim Minor) for inclusion here. Text should be in "final" form in your words and should include placeholders such as "(insert photo of barn here}" or similar, along with the photos to be included. Captions for photos are welcome (be sure to indicate which caption goes with which photo). Due to potential space restrictions we're asking members to limit the number of photos submitted at this time to no more than 12. Depending on our workload, members will be able to update their pages from time-to-time.

Click on name, below, to go to that member's page.

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