NYFOA was founded in 1963 to encourage well informed management of privately owned woodlands in New York State and to promote, protect, represent, and serve the interests of woodland owners.

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  • NYFOA Web Site Adds New Section: "Member Stories" (né "Member Photos")

    In order to allow members the opportunity to share information on what's going on on their property as well as share approaches to the way they've overcome problems, a new section has been added to this website called "Member Stories" with a page available for each member. ...read more

  • NYFOA Director of Organizational Development, Mike Zagata, shares insights on the importance of young forests.

    Since the passage of the Wilderness Act in 1960, Americans have focused on preserving our forests. Only now, decades later, have we come to realize that we were inadvertently evicting those wildlife species that depend on grass, brush and young forests for their survival. It is those places that provide them with the habitat they need to survive. The Golden Winged Warbler and the New England Cottontail served as the “canaries in the mine” and signaled to us that we needed to reverse course and begin again to actively manage our forests. The following article explains in-depth why conservationists have now shifted to the “Young Forest Initiative”. ...read more

  • SOT Reports on Successful Woodswalk at Kazacos Property on June 9th, 2018

    On June 9th, a woods walk was held at Stacey and Jeannine Kazacos 100 acre tract in Otsego County. The woods walk offered participants insight into various aspects of both the 480a program offered by the state, and the variety of applications available for funding by the NRCS through its EQIP program. ...read more

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