WFL - NYCAMH Game of Logging

Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Genesee Valley Conservancy

The New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH) and NYFOA/WFL are co-sponsoring a Level 1 Game of Logging on May 13th, on the Genesee Valley Conservancy Property, Mill Creek Nature Preserve, located at 10651 St. Rt. 21 Wayland, New York.

The Game of Logging provides hands-on chainsaw safety training with Bill Lindloff, the GOL trainer, teaching the course. The Level 1 course focuses on open face felling, personal protective safety equipment, saw safety and features bore cutting, pre-planning and hinge wood strength, and each participant will fell a tree under the trainers guidance. For details on the various Levels of chainsaw training and other training programs offered by the GOL, visit their site at or call at 1-800-252-2502.

Contact Pauline Boyer at NYCAMH by calling 1-800-343-7527, for course details and to sign up for this program, or email her at . NYCAMH manages the scheduling and registration for this event and will provide all the necessary information to register and attend. Cost for each day of the program is $25. Other programs are scheduled around the state and Pauline will be able to provide information on those.

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