WFL - May General Meeting – Landowner Liability Protection

Date and Time: Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 7 PM

Location: United Church of Christ, 8758 Main Street, Honeoye, NY 14471

Please join WFL Board Member Nick Jensen as he leads a discussion on the important topic of Landowner Liability Protection. Have you ever wondered if you and your loved ones are adequately protected in the litigious society we live in? Owning land poses its own set of risks and the rules can vary depending on what State your property is in. We want to make sure that our passion for the land does not inadvertently place our other assets at risk in the event of a lawsuit. Questions to be discussed:

• Do I have to post my property? What are the rules about posting?
• Do I have to put warning signs on my tree stands?
• Do I have the correct insurance coverage?
• Is my property titled properly?
• What if I have guests use the property for recreational purposes?
• Do the rules change if I charge fees to use the property?
• What happens if someone gets hurt on my property? Will it change depending on if that person is a guest, trespasser, contractor, or logger?

This session will be followed by an opportunity for Questions and Answers to this important landowner topic, as well as light refreshments for all

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