WFL - General Meeting: “Empire Forests for the Future Initiative (EFFI) 480b"

Wednesday, May 9, 2018, at 7 p.m. is the date for our General Meeting located at the United Church of Christ, 8758 Main Street, Richmond (Honeoye), NY.

Announcement Update (4/19/2018)

Program changes – The EFFI legislation that was proposed as part of the Governor’s 2018 Budget was not included in the final state budget. However, DEC Foresters will review what was in the proposed EFFI legislation and discuss why it was not enacted and what the future holds for similar initiatives.The presentation will also review the present 480a Forest Tax Law and touch on other State and Federal programs available to forest landowners to assist them in managing their woodlands.

Original Announcement (2/2018): Our speakers will be from the Avon DEC Forestry office. The EFFI legislation was proposed as part of the Governor’s Budget Proposal. The proposal includes changes to the current Real Property Tax Law – 480a, a new tax law section 480b, amendments to the Right to Practice Forestry Law, new timber harvest notification requirements, a new Community Forest Grant Program, new timber harvest notification requirements, a new Empire Forest Incentive Program—which will mirror previous forestry cost-share programs, as well as an amendment to the State Finance Law for state agency procurement preferences for NYS wood products. Assuming the legislation is enacted as expected, the presentation will focus on the new 480b with a summary of the remaining EFFI programs.

This is a timely program that will affect forest owners across New York State.

Please stay for refreshments at the conclusion of the discussion

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