WFL - Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 is the date of our next Western Finger Lakes Board of Directors Quarterly Meeting. All NYFOA members are welcome. The pre-meeting meal begins at 6:15 p.m. with our WFL Chapter meeting beginning at 7 p.m.

Please join us at the American Hotel located at the stop light in Lima, NY. No RSVP needed, just come!

WFL Agenda Wednesday January 14, 2020 BOD Meeting

1. Approval of minutes from Oct 2, 2019 taken by Nick

2. Treasurer

a. recent reports

4/9/2019 Checking = $xxxxx

7/16/2019 Checking = $yyyyy

10/2/2019 Checking =$zzzzzz

b. today: Checking = $___, CD = ___, $ Total = ___

c. Final #s from October annual dinner meeting...

3. Activities/events since Oct 2nd BOD meeting (all in winter newsletter)

a. Annual Dinner meeting Oct 9th

b. White Deer bus tour Oct 19th

c. GOL level 2 Oct 28th near Engleside/Naples

4. Upcoming/future activities

a. March 2020 = Mr. Lynn Braband Monroe County Cornell Coop – bats

b. April ___th BOD meeting

c. May 2020 = Nick Jensen on: Landowner Liability Protection. Date TBD.

d. Annual Dinner Meeting, October 2020 = Greg Sargis of Nature Conservancy Forest Resiliency & Score card

5. Discussion/information/action items

a. Will DryShod continue with their free boot offer? (Greg)

b. Outside activities (Pete)

c. Mill Creek Nature Preserve

d. Installation of chapter officers (chair, vice chair, treasurer, secretary per NYFOA by laws)

e. $ letter – is it ready for spring newsletter?

f. WFL hosts state fall board meeting. Do we invite the state BOD to our annual dinner meeting? Options???

g. # of copies for next newsletter

h. State does not reimburse chapter reps for expenses. Should WFL reimburse our rep?

i. FLXGives (Nick)

j. At the state level (Greg)

k. Future meetings (Colette)

l. Annual meeting – changes/suggestions/keeps for Oct 2020

m. Does 501(c)3 apply to chapters? Is a donation to WFL tax deductible?

6. Round table

7. Spring newsletter deadline Feb 15th

a. New members

b. In the Woodlot (Piestraks)

c. Mark Your Calendar + pix

d. April BOD meeting





8. Next meeting in about 3 months = Apr _____, 2020

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