SOT - Apple Tree Grafting Presentation

Get Ready for Spring - Apple Tree Grafting Presentation

Donald J. Paukett
Thursday, March 21, 2019 6:30 pm

Cornell Cooperative Extension
840 Upper Front Street
Binghamton, NY

Come join us for an information packed presentation by Donald J. Paukett, who is a member of the “Backyard Fruit Growers Organization”, and Retired Associate Vice President for Administration at Binghamton University. Donald’s presentation will cover numerous topics for those interested in grafting of apple trees, as well as other fruit and nut trees. It will include information on the science of grafting, techniques and procedures, and discussions on creating a new orchard vs. top grafting current trees, & wildlife plot improvements.

The “Backyard Fruit Growers Organization” is dedicated to preserving old varieties of apples and sharing information. Donald works as an instructor at their spring grafting workshop teaching hands-on root stock grafting to other growers and the public. At this workshop members bring 400+ varieties of apple scions and some pear, paw-paw, and other nut varieties. They participate in restoring old varieties that had been previously believed to have been lost. The members have amazing skills across many types of plants, apples, nut trees, paw-paws, etc.

Look for additional information in “Treelines” Spring newsletter on this presentation, and mark your calendars now for this chance to learn valuable information first hand that will help in your efforts of improving apple orchard growth, and production just in time for the Spring growing season.

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