CNY - Woods Walk at the Gorhams' Property

What: Woods Walk at the Gorhams' Property

When: Saturday, October 14 / 10 AM

Where: 55 County Route 85, Fulton, NY 13069

Saturday, October 14 - Woods Walk at the Gorhams property beginning at 10 AM at 55 County Route 85, Fulton, NY 13069
Route 85 is directly across from the Battle Island State Park golf course maintenance building (near junction of Rt. 85 and Rt. 48) . An orange cone will mark the entrance to the property. There is no house number but above address comes up on GPS.There is room for 10-15 vehicles to park in the entrance area.

The Gorhams have just under 100 acres of mostly wooded land with a few old fields and some interesting remnants of northern NY history.

The woods contain the species that most of us are somewhat familiar with , i.e. red and white oak, black locust, red and sugar maple, aspen, ash, beech, hemlock, hickory and some black cherry. There are also hints of American chestnut from the past, including many stump sprouts and one nice 7” diameter tree that is disease free. That is worth the trip alone!

Since many patches of his woods were high-graded by prior owners, Mike Gorham has been planting oak, sugar maple, cherry and some white pine in those patches or other areas with less desirable species. He has experimented with clear cutting areas and tubing his new trees and existing saplings and can share that experience. Since Mike is a certified arborist, he should provide good insights into the results of his experiments

Other unique features of the property are remnants of two old rail lines, including a bed where an electronic trolley train ran between 1900 and 1924 and also an abandoned Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad that was constructed in 1848.

Mike says his trails are easily walked and kept mowed. He has a golf cart that can accommodate 4 people if anyone prefers or needs to use that on the trails. There is also a small cabin with a pond near-by that will make a great place for a picnic; a porta-john is also available. Mike has offered to grill hamburgs and hot dogs for a picnic lunch....So bring any other items you might like to share. It should be a fun day!

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