CDC - WoodsWalk at the Schenectady Woodlawn Preserve

WoodsWalk - at the Schenectady Woodlawn Preserve

Date: Friday June 21st

Time: 10am- 12pm.

Place: 1 Gifford Road (southern end of Gifford Road), Schenectady, NY.

Beaver are amazing creatures. They modify their environment to create better living conditions for themselves. Their marvelous water control structures improve their food sources, and provide consistent conditions for shelter and safety. Plus they are persistent and tireless workers.

In coordination with a DEC Beaver Management Specialist and the Friends of the Woodlawn Preserve, this NYFOA Woodswalk will observe beaver activity and its relationship to vegetation and its impacts on waterways and examine their historical role as an ecosystem engineer. The Schenectady Woodlawn Preserve is exploring beaver management options to protect trails, recreation and the various flood control structures located in the 100 + acre remnant Pine Bush ecosystem.

Joe Nelson is a Beaver Management Specialist for DEC Region #4 in Rotterdam, NY. He will lead the discussion on recent beaver activity and management options for the City of Schenectady's Van De Loo Pond, which is also a several acre flood control/ retention pond to relieve homes in Woodlawn from a high water table. Jeff Kehoe, CDC vice chair is a neighbor and steward of the Woodlawn Preserve and will discuss the site's management history, and management options for the future of the site.

Meet at the Woodlawn Preserve Kiosk at 10 am Friday June 21 for this 2 hour outdoor program. This event is FREE and open to the public.

If you have any questions contact Jeff : 518-596-9040

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