Woods Walk—Ted First / Foundation for Sustainable Forests

On Saturday May 8th from 9am until 11:30am, join The Foundation for Sustainable Forests
(FSF) for a tour of First Forest, a 105 acre woodland near Sinclairville that was recently donated
for long-term conservation.

The Foundation for Sustainable Forests is a nonprofit land trust that protects forest land through
a model of active, thoughtful management. We work with landowners in the region of southwest
New York and northwest Pennsylvania to ensure that their legacy of forest stewardship
continues in perpetuity.

At First Forest we will review a recent timber harvest conducted using horse logging and discuss
in detail the FSF’s unique silviculture. By combining “worst first” single tree selection
with small group selection openings FSF foresters create a mosaic of diverse tree ages, species
and habitat. The FSF management process builds forest resilience to better help the ecosystem
withstand disturbances such as invasive species, forest pests and climate change.

Come prepared for a hike, while First Forest has some trails the tour will require rock-hopping a
small stream and traversing small hills. Depending on weather and availability, a horse logging
crew may be on site to demonstrate techniques and answer questions.

First Forest is located on Fenner Road north of Ellery Center and south of Stockton. A neighboring
home’s address is 5403 Fenner Road Dewittville, NY. Parking will be available along
the side of the gravel access driveway, vehicles with particularly low ground clearance should
park along Fenner Road. There are no bathroom facilities on site, and due to COVID-19 restrictions
no shared food or beverage will be provided.

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