AFC & WFL - Joint Woodswalk

Joint Woodswalk (AFC and WFL)

Saturday, September 14 at 9:30 a.m.
6067 White Creek Road
Friendship, NY 14711
Bruce Robinson, Consulting Forester, shall be leading the woods walk.

Light breakfast refreshments served before we venture into the woods. Some walking required-wear proper shoes or boots; dress for the weather. At the conclusion of the woods walk, please stay for lunch. Feel free to cook yourself a hot dog over an open fire with s’mores for dessert. sawtimber. In addition to forest stages we will look at how different species cope: from the tenacious bully beech to the 'I'm out of here early succession losers'. Time elements must be considered, especially learning how this affects all woodlots. Putting all of this together enables efficient intervention in our woodlots. When is releasing effective? Are we considering the whole forest with every action, or are we satisfied to 'take care of that sucker that was thought to be so offensive’? Are there target species that should not appear in any woodlot, thus deserving to be universally attacked? What are acceptable growing stock trees and what universal stocking level(s) should apply?

Understanding high grading is just one more tool in managing a forest stand. The same low, natural fork that allowed a tree to out-compete its neighbors could have been identified and removed with a pruning shear, or later a long-handled lopper, or later yet a chain saw. The untreated tree is skipped during harvest because its quality 'doesn't cut it'. It increases in size and dominance. When sufficient numbers exist, we might even blame high grading for degrading a stand.

Cutting is the most expedient method of reversing high grading. Learning how to cut poor trees which directly benefit the residual is key. If nothing else, we will learn to reward laziness and justify neglect!"

Any questions, please call David or Colette Morabito at 585/248-0654

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